Basic Principles of Writing Essay with Ease


It's not that one would not even know how to write but when you're writing, you want to make sure your words are being perceived properly and are worth the shot. Mostly when you are given a topic on minutes' notice, a lot of time is wasted thinking how the essay will turn out or how you should start writing it. And when you're finally done thinking the left over time is not enough o do the justice with your words.


A simple way to escape the jolt is to be prepared beforehand. You must be thinking that if you ever had an idea about essay question coming up you'll never have to suffer the blow. Well one can always have idea for general essay writing. With few illustrated steps students can be well pre-prepared for their essay challenge.

  • Read between the lines. Keep this phrase in your mind when you reading your question. Now try and analyze the given question, for what exactly does the examiner wants.
  • Realise who is that your writing an essay for, whether the school, college or any newspaper.
  • Plan your starting and the way you're going to make your mark on the topic. Remember when you're writing, there is always a probability that there would be couple of more people writing on the same topic. So you need to come up with a planning to make yourself standout and unique.
  • Follow the given instruction, there often a list of instructions found attached otherwise the word limit is always given. Try to mind it because the over flowing words won't be of any count.
  • Conclusion, it is very necessary for you to back up your arguments with facts or with quotations. You need to show the examiner that you believe in your words and so should he.

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